Our Mission

VO Peeps is a global meetup group dedicated to providing resources and information about the Voiceover, and related media, industries.

Our mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals, but to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing our members’ voiceover skills while enhancing their business model.helping members succeed in the business.

Our Meetups

Meetups feature educational segments with leading industry professionals covering a wide variety of topics relevant to helping members succeed in the business. Our unique, hybrid classes feature both live & remote instruction, integrated with the latest connection technology – offering a voiceover training experience unlike anything on the market today. Join, learn and grow from anywhere in the World…

Our Founder

Anne Ganguzza TALENT // SPEAKER // COACH

An original Jersey girl, now sunning it up in Orange County, Anne Ganguzza has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality. Her undeniable passion for voice-overs and sharing her knowledge with others led her to a full time career in VO and inspired her to form a local meetup group for voice over artists affectionately known as the Orange County VO Peeps.

The group gained in popularity quickly, and with it’s online presence, attracted attention from others around the globe. Realizing the tremendous advantages of sharing and disseminating information and resources globally, and effectively “breaking down” the traditional barriers of local meetup groups, the organization began extending its memberships to the online community. They have since dropped the “locale” portion of their moniker, and are now known simply as – VO Peeps.

Anne specializes in Strategic Target Market Voiceover Coaching and Demo Production to help align each student’s individual brand to meet the demands of the current marketplace. Anne’s love for teaching, combined with her extensive VO and business career experience, helps her students to develop a broad range of relevant, real world skills applicable to their careers, and motivates them forward towards success. For more information, please visit Anne on her website at anneganguzza.com or email her at anne@anneganguzza.com.

In addition to her unwavering and passionate commitment to her Peeps at vopeeps.com, you can also find her at: theelearningvoice.com, medical-narration.com, and phone-voice.com.




Sophia Cruz is a passionate bilingual voice over actor specializing in seamless English to Spanish narration. Over the past twelve years as a professional talent, Sophia has voiced everything from commercials, eLearning, explainer videos, and telephony, to corporate narration, political ads and even live hosting.

Sophia is certi?ed in The Birkman Method®, and utilizes the Human Design model in her consulting. She has studied with some of the brightest business minds today: Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Marie Forleo, Sandi Krawkoski, Amy Porter?eld, and Kimra Luna – learning e?ective sales and marketing strategies for growing a business in today’s market.
Her dedication to excellence in voice acting, marketing and helping others has given her a deep understanding of strategies that really work. Sophia’s “diagnostic” coaching services get right to the heart of the matter and produce laser-like, focused results.

Sophia is also a health and wellness educator, which helps her have a holistic, whole-person approach. She knows that true success comes from overall well-being…not only in your voice over business, but in your entire life!



Dianna began her VO Career as a station voice and producer in Washington State. She moved into freelance voiceover work three years ago upon moving to Southern California.

She works regularly in e-learning, narration, commercial, and video games. Dianna is currently the voice of the UC Davis Health System and stars in the video game “From Earth”.

Aside from her voice over work, Dianna holds a Master’s degree in Communication. Along with teaching college level communication courses, Dianna brings her Communication expertise to the VO Peeps.
Dianna curates content for our website and social media. She writes press releases, and the monthly content advertising our workouts. She also writes copy and helps in curriculum development.

Dianna’s work can be found at www.diannaconley.com


We are always on the lookout for industry experts willing to share their valuable knowledge and insights with the group!

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