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Thanks to your help, we have already awarded over $31,500 in scholarships! Your generous contribution allows us to reach voiceover professionals and aspiring artists around the globe with educational opportunity and a helping hand. We strongly believe that there is no more valuable investment than education and ?nancial help when it is needed, and the life change it provides.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

If you are interested in making a contribution, please feel free to contact us at or call 949-630-3208. We accept one-time gifts made by cash, check or credit card, as well as gifts-in-kind appropriate for the voiceover industry such as: private coaching lessons, workshops & classes, recording equipment, professional/commercial quality audio equipment for home studios, soundproo?ng/acoustic material, portable recording booths, voiceover & voice acting books and resources, etc.

Our sincere gratitude to the following sponsors who have generously supported the scholarship program:

James R. Alburger & Penny Abshire, Voice Acting
Kathleen Keesling, Kat’s Voice
Deb Munro, Deb’s Voice
Dave Fennoy,Voice Talent/Coach
Marc Cashman, Cashman Commercials
David H. Lawrence XVII,
Beverly Bremers, Voicercise
Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker, That’s Voiceover!
George Whittam, VO Studio Tech, VOBS

Dan Lenard, Home Studio Master, VOBS
Harlan Hogan, Voiceover Essentials
John Florian, Voice Over Virtual, Voice Over Xtra!
Frank Baum Voice
Il Fornaio,
Celia Siegel, Celia Siegel Management
Joe Cipriano Voice
Edge Studio
Gerald Grif?th, Voiceover City & VO Atlanta
Chris Kendall, Voice Artists United

Chuck Davis, Chuck Davis Voiceover
Joyce Castellanos, Voice Talent/Coach
Chris Anthony, Voice Talent/Coach
Scott Brick, Voice Talent/Coach
Rodney Saulsberry, Voice Talent/Coach
Katie Leigh, The Voice of Your Childhood
Randy Thomas, Voice Talent/Coach
Everett Oliver,
Rob Sciglimpaglia, Voice Talent/Legal Consult
MJ Lallo, Creating Voices

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