VO Peeps Cable Ties

$5.00 $4.00

Confidently secure those loose cables in your studio and office in FAB VO Peeps Style with this awesome collection of colored cable ties! Versatile, durable, and highly reliable, these cable ties are available in 6 different colors that can be used for identification and marking or to match product colors. Each package contains six cable ties 7” length with each of the following colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.   Shipping included.


Other Peeps Are Talking….

“Now VO Peeps even helps my home networking! From industry ties to cable ties, Anne Ganguzza helps you keep it all together! #ThanksForTheTies! #CableTiesRock” – Cam C.

“whenever it’s time to hit the road, I always bring my VO Peeps to take care of all my cable tie needs. VO Peeps Cable Ties – Never leave home without them!” – Johnny K

“Thank you so much for the cable ties, they’ll make traveling with my kit so much more fun! 😀 Seriously, how can you not want these in your go-bag?” – Mari N

“I like to be organized… the VO Peeps way.” – Margo T.

“Can’t live without em! They always end up in my gig bag!” – Naz C





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