About Damon:

Based in Central California, Damon is making a splash in the voiceover world.  Blessed with a performer’s desire to see and be seen, he started off reading the morning announcements in high school and branched out into drama and musicals theater.  He continued in civic theater while attending college and starting a family.  Looking for ways to perform and express creatively, Damon discovered the myriad outlets of expression offered by the world of voiceover, and HASN’T LOOKED BACK.

Damon continuously works at his own professional home studio, voicing scripts for T.V., radio, online and other media.


About Frank:

An engaging and smooth male voice actor. 

Frank’s trustworthy, easy going delivery connects with listeners, conveys ideas and sells brands in a way that is clear and easily understood.

That’s why he’s been selected to represent companies such as Honda, McDonald’s, Best Buy and Crown Royal. When you’ve got a narration project or commercial, and you need it to be done fast and right the first time, you need “The Producer’s Secret Weapon”.

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About VO Atlanta 2018:

VO Atlanta is an annual voiceover conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring VO talent, agents, and other industry resources from around the world, it’s THE place to be! Over the course of four days, VO Atlanta presents the best of the voiceover industry. See what it’s all about at

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Visit Anne in Atlanta!

Presenting the VO Atlanta Corporate Narration Track

This year Anne Ganguzza and Creative Media Recording Studio owner Tim Keenan will be all about Corporate Narration as well as conducting an X Session on finding success and big clients in the Corporate World!

Breakout Session: Steady (Work) Wins the Race: Secrets of Successful Corporate Narration

Did you know that there are over 45,500 companies listed in stock exchanges around the world? And these are just the listed ones! That’s a LOT of potential for corporate voiceover work! With over 50 years of combined experience, Anne Ganguzza and Tim Keenan have been focusing their primary businesses on the voiceover and audio needs of corporate clients. They’ll reveal the many benefits of corporate narration voiceover and discuss strategies to help you climb the Corporate Narration Ladder to Success! Topics also include: the Extensive Market of Corporation Narration, Targeting The Ideal Corporate Client, Components of an Effective Corporate Demo, and Effective Marketing to Attract Corporate Clients. Lean In to learn about this exciting genre, and be a Corporate Narration VO Winner!



Xsession: Work It! Professional Narration Techniques for Success

Get ready to Lean Forward into the mic and start workin’ some of the most popular long format narration genres in voiceover! In this comprehensive Xsession, you’ll experience both sides of the studio glass as we:

  • Learn the essential skills needed and desired by today’s modern day corporate client to excel in today’s most popular narration genres
  • Learn how to interpret and discern the important nuances between Corporate, eLearning, Explainer, Medical, Technical, Trade Show, IVR and On Hold Messaging copy•
  • Learn how to Assess your Audience and determine your character to take your reads from good to great•
  • Perfect and practice in depth vocal and breathing techniques for effective and efficient narration reads from a variety of real-world working scripts

Work It – and Get Work – in the diverse world of Narration voiceover. Register for these great classes and more at

Learn more about Anne at:  

Learn more about Tim Keenan at:



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